Adbhutananda Bhavana

Amidst the lush green natural beauty of the campus of Ramakrishna Mission at Narendrapur stands tall and proud the newly constructed building of Adbhutananda Bhavan.


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Adbhutananda Bhavan is a beautiful three stored building dedicated to the accommodation of the college students.
Adbhutananda Bhavan is a very good hostel fulfilling all the basic needs of a students in his academic life. The bhavan also celebrates the birth anniversary of swami Adbhutananda every year in which the boarders participate in a festive mood.

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A home, away from home

The bhavan has fair number living rooms with all the essentials a students requires during his stay. Necessary equipment like bed, shelf and study tables are provided for each year’s students.

A dedicate prayer hall with a spiritually elevated ambience including the picture of Holy Trio and the images of Gods, Goddesses and great spiritual personalities help the students in their prayer and meditations. This eventually enhance the all-round performance of the students. Regular maintenance makes the prayer hall neat and clean.

Campus Life

The common Room

A common room is located just beside the dining hall for the entertainment of the students. They can play indoor games like carom, table tennis etc. and watch sports on the television on certain occasions.

The common room is a place of solace to us. The residents of this bhavan share their passions, emotions with each other inside the room. With the high voltage indoor games, late night drama rehearsals, and with the debate and discussions regarding cricket, football, worldcup, Olympic; the common room is all set to efface the monotony of the students. One of the unique features of this common room is that- every years it hosts the annual music and poetry reading competitions.

Dining Room

A large dining hall is situated inside the bhavan for their residents to take their meal four times a day. Hygiene and cleanliness are always maintained along with quality food service. The meal begin and end with dedicated hymns thanking the Almighty for the food.

Healthy Meals
With its residents and stuffs, the dining room of the bhavan is always ready to pervade the idea of sharing and serving. It always enjoy the chirp of the students, and it assumes a radiant look especially on the day of Bhavan Jayani when it offers delicious food items.

Sports and co-curricular activities

Regular training is given to the students to develop skills in sports, physical exercises and athletics.

A twelve station Multigym was installed at the Brahmananda Bhavana kitchen complex.

Co-curricular activities like participation in game, acting, singing, recitation, debates, music, drama, etc., help in achieving overall functioning of education.

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Ranked 15 in the list of best colleges in India by NIRF in 2019.