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22nd Annual Conference of the Calcutta Logic Circle 2023

[Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Ranjan Mukhopadhyay]

(Jointly organized by the CLC and Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur)

Conference Dates: August 12-14, 2023

We are delighted to announce that, after a hiatus of three years, the 22nd Annual Conference of the Calcutta Logic Circle will be held in its usual format at the Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, from 12th to 14th August 2023.

The Calcutta Logic Circle (CLC) is a group of academics interested in logic from diverse backgrounds, including Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science. The group, although informal, has motivated, nurtured, and helped launch the careers of several Indian logicians since its inception in 1987. Apart from a weekly study circle, the group has been organizing annual meets or conferences, for which it has had the good fortune of hosting several scholars of international repute over the years. More on the CLC, its history, and past activities, including the speakers in the previous annual meets, can be found at

This year CLC has lost one of its founding members, Prof. Ranjan Mukhopadhyay, a philosopher with a wide range of interests, including proof theory and constructivism. We have thus decided to dedicate this year’s annual conference of the CLC to Prof. Mukhopadhayay.

The conference this year is being organized by the CLC in collaboration with the Ramakrishna Mission Residential College at Narendrapur, which is also the venue for the event. Narendrapur is a suburb of Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, and is a short drive from the city center.

Invited Speakers


Hitoshi Omori (Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan)

Hanamantagouda P. Sankappanavar (Department of Mathematics, State University of New York at New Paltz, USA)

Benedikt Löwe (Department of Mathematics, University of Hamburg, Germany)

Tomasz Jarmużek (Department of Logic, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland)

Petros Stefaneas (Department of Mathematics, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece)

Stefano Bonzio (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Cagliari, Italy)

Soma Dutta (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland)

R. Ramanujam (Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India)

Amita Chatterjee (School of Cognitive Science, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India)

N. Raja (School of Technology and Computer Science, TIFR, Mumbai, India)

Prabal Kumar Sen (Centre for Indological Studies & Research, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, India)

Manidipa Sanyal (Department of Philosophy, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India)

Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay (Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Kolkata, India)

Mohua Banerjee (Department of Mathematics, IIT-Kanpur, Kanpur, India)

Sujata Ghosh (Computer Science Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai)

Nishad Patnaik (Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, IIIT-Delhi, New Delhi, India)

Md. Aquil Khan (Department of Mathematics, IIT-Indore, Indore, India)

Kamalika Bhattacharjee (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT-Trichy, Tiruchirapalli, India)


Call for Papers

We are pleased to invite you to deliver a lecture at 22nd Annual Conference of the Calcutta Logic Circle. The areas of focus this year include (but are not restricted to) Proof Theory, Philosophical Logic, Paraconsistency, and Algebraic Logic.

Please send us a title and abstract by May 31, 2023 to the email id 

These will be included in an electronic book of abstracts.

Accepted Papers

To be announced later

Important Dates

Abstract submission:

31 May 2023

Notification to authors:

01 July 2023


16 July 2023


12 to 14 August 2023


To be announced later


Patron :

Swami Shastrajnanda, Secretary Maharaj, Ramkrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur

Advisory Committee:

Swami Ekachittananda (Principal, Ramkrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur)

Mihir Kumar Chakraborty (Retired Professor, Calcutta University; Adjunct Faculty, IIIT-Delhi; )

Amita Chatterjee (Retired Professor, Jadavpur University; Ex Vice Chancellor, Presidency University)

R. Ramanujam (Retired Professor, IMSc Chennai; Azim Premji University)

Mohua Banerjee (Professor, IIT-Kanpur)

Manidipa Sanyal (Professor, Calcutta University)

Sujata Ghosh (Associate Professor, ISI Chennai)

Organizing Committee:

Pulak Samanta (Convener) (Ramkrishna Mission Residential College)

Sankha S. Basu (Joint Convener) (IIIT-Delhi)

Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay (Ramkrishna Mission Residential College)

Rathindranath Ghosh (Coordinator, IQAC, Ramakrishna Mission Residential College)

Subhadeep Banerjee (Bursar, Ramakrishna Mission Residential College)

Santanu Bhat (Ramkrishna Mission Residential College)

Sourav Tarafder (St. Xavier’s College)

Jayanta Sen (Government General Degree College, Singur)

Md Aquil Khan (IIT Indore)

Purbita Jana (Madras School of Economics)


Pulak Samanta (RKMRC, Narendrapur) [ ] [ 9477465633 ]

Sankha S. Basu (IIIT Delhi) [ ]

(Conveners, 22nd Annual Conference of the Calcutta Logic Circle)