Sri Gouranga Bhavana

The  GourangaBhavana is home for some 300 students spread across the three-storeyed.


What makes Green Valley different?

Our GB ❤

This East- facing Beauty makes up as the sun kisses its/her yellow cheeks/wall; It/She yauensbreathing in the sweet nectar of jasmine and hibiscus around it/her; And sings along with the cuckoos,its/her self-composed melody.
Apart from a prayer hall, a study hall and two dining hall, it has acommon room and music roomfor sports and music enthusiasts respectively. The most unique feature of the bhavana is a centrally located open air space meant for central eueuts. Shree  GourangaBhavanaJayanti is celebrated during the DolPurnima with flying colours under the full moon sky.

The Holy Shrine

Let's start
your journey!

A home, away from home

A Father when you are Broke
A sister when you need Company
A Mother when you are sick
Yes that a Room mate.

The Livings Rooms witnesses such almost every otherday. The rooms are large enough to accommodate the mischief inside and the lucidous are large enough to capture the beauty outside.

Campus Life

The common Room

The common room houses modern amenities like LCD TV and indoor games like carom and table tennis.

So if you ever come across a loud screaming noise in the night, don’t frightened. It’s a common Gouranga Bhavan phenomenon . Thanks to Cricket and Football Worldcups.

Dining Room

The dining room reuerberates with chants that promulgates the idea that food should taken as ‘Prasad’, as it is our life sustaining force. A sense of fellow feeling, goodwill and understanding prevails as the students take turn in serving.

Healthy Meals
With its residents and stuffs, the dining room of the bhavan is always ready to pervade the idea of sharing and serving. It always enjoy the chirp of the students, and it assumes a radiant look especially on the day of Bhavan Jayani when it offers delicious food items.

Sports and co-curricular activities

Regular training is given to the students to develop skills in sports, physical exercises and athletics.

A twelve station Multigym was installed at the Brahmananda Bhavana kitchen complex.

Co-curricular activities like participation in game, acting, singing, recitation, debates, music, drama, etc., help in achieving overall functioning of education.

Unleash your true potential.

Ranked 15 in the list of best colleges in India by NIRF in 2019.