Department of Philosophy

“Don't wait for the right moment to start, start and make each moment right.” - Roy T. Bennett

Philosophy General department, came into being in phases since 1960. Over a period of fifty years, this department have contributed, in no small measure, to the enrichment of the tradition of academic excellence of the College.

The subject taught by the faculty members of the General department belong to Humanities and Social Sciences. This subject is taught only up-to general level as subsidiary of the Honours Programme. However, in special case, the department share the advanced facilities available with other departments of the College.

The faculty member of the General department update them-self for discharging their teaching and research responsibilities by attending Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses organised by the Academic Staff College of the affiliating University and of the other Universities in India and also Seminars, Conferences, Workshops organised at State, National and International levels as well as such programmes organised at the College level.

The present faculty member of the General department pay their homage to those distinguished former teachers but for whom the college could not have attained its present stature. Their contributions to the well-being of the college in general and this department in particular will always be remembered gratefully. This was Sri Haran Bhattacharyya (Philosophy),Dr. Prolayankar Bhattacharya (Philosophy, now in CU) also deserve our respect and gratitude, for serving this department at different points of time.

At present, Shri Santanu Bhat, H.O.D of the department of Philosophy serving in such a way that the department is growing for future development. He is also trying to develop the department for creating  good human beings who will serve the society in future which was one of the main thesis of Swami Vivekananda’s life.


Sri Santanu Bhat (HOD)

M.A., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor

RKMRC old campus
Department of Philosophy

Department Highlights

Student-Teacher Relationship

The Department boasts a good relationship between student teachers, with professors always being accessible to students, and students initiating attention through spontaneous love and regard.

Innovative Teaching Methods

  • Audio & Video Tools.
  • Stimulating Classroom Environment
  • Welcome New Ideas
  • Refer to Books On Creativity
  • Introduce Lessons Like a Story
  • Regular  Assignments
  • Seminar by the students & professors

Success story of students @RKMRC

Every year, a good number of students of RKMRC  have been admitted to integrated Ph.D., M.Sc., M.C.A. programmes of premiere institutes like TIFR,CMI, I.I.T. s, I.S.I., I.I.Sc. , IISERs and Central Universities and so on.

Computer LAB

The department has an uninterrupted internet facility with its own computer LAB. The ratio of students and PC’s is nearly 1:1.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT assists teachers in interacting with students. It helps them with their teaching preparation, providing feedback. ICT helps teachers access institutions and universities, NCERT, NAAC NCTE, UGC, etc. It also helps in the effective use of teaching-learning process ICT software and hardware.