Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcome: B.Sc. Honours

  1. The thrust of the program being evenly balanced between theory and its practical application, the students, upon passing the course, can justifiably claim to have achieved a fair amount of hands-on experience. This experiential knowledge comes in immediately handy in case the students opt for jobs.
  2. The program is so structured as to imbue the students witha spirit of further exploration of the subject. This paves the way for them to effortlessly move into higher researches if they so desire.
  3. The program primes the students with the knowledge of the latest advances of the subject.
  4. Liberally studded with problem solving modules, the program equips the students with the required skill to excel in the entrance tests for admission to premier Institutes.
  5. One most significant outcome of the programme is the inculcation of higher values of life among the learners that enable them to face any hazard of the future life.

Programme Outcome: B.A Honours

  1. Students graduating through B.A. Hons Programme from this college are expected develop both linguistic and analytical skill that would prove useful in their next level of studies. Also, students become capable of critically appreciating a scholarly presentation of any form and debate upon the issues which invite cross discussions.
  2. Students graduating from this college in this programme become able to relate to the social and national issues about which they acquire theoretical understanding in the class room.
  3. Project work and field study give them an experience to learn by themselves and experiment with the theoretical knowledge that they were given within the four wall of the classroom.This, in turn, infuses into them the confidence to become employable.
  4. This college trains the students to undertake primary level of research work and thus they become motivated for advanced research when they go for higher studies.
  5. The programmeinstils among the students the greater values of life to become worthy citizen of the country.

Programme Outcome: M.A.

  1. Students progressing through M.A. Programme from this institution mature themselves for a systematic and critical study of the things that enhance their capability to answer and explain the difficult arguments that they face in next level of studies.
    In other words, a student’s interactive aptitude is boosted up and he becomes competent enough to present his own views independently. Also this development motivates the students to commence systematic and structured research in several and unexplored arena of knowledge.
  2. This programme makes it learners accomplished enough to judgementally appreciate an academic demonstration of any sort.
  3. This programme also inspires the students to actively participate in different socio-economic-cultural activities about which they have been theoretically taught in the classroom.
  4. Students passing out from this programme turn out to be employable.
  5. The most significant outcome of the programme is that the students imbibe noble values of life during their course tenure.

Programme Outcome: M.Sc.

  1. One of the important outcomes of this programme is the exposure of the students to the recent advances in the related fields.
  2. This programme also enables its learners to put their theoretical knowledge to practical applications.
  3. These programmes further enable the students to be employable in any allied sector.
  4. Research Motivation is also another significant outcome that the students are endowed with on the completion of the programme.
  5. Most importantly, the programme inculcate among the students the higher values which enable them withstand thechallenges of life.

Programme Outcome: Ph.D.

  1. All researchers are oriented to develop the capacity to become innovative in his research work.
  2. Researchers are also expected to engage in such researches as would contribute to some developmental aspect of society.
  3. Researchers are expected to deploy different modern techniques including digital ones to make the research a high quality one.
  4. The researches are informed more by elegant insights, rather than by convoluted thinking.