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SANTANU PRADHANsantanu pradhan asked 12 months ago

A particle undergoes simple harmonic motion having time period T . The time taken in 3/8th oscillation is
(a)3T/8 (b)5T/8 (c)5T/12 (d)7T/12

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SANTANU SINGHSANTANU SINGH answered 12 months ago

Time taken to complete one fourth oscillation T/ 4 ,so time to complete 1/8th oscillation from to extreme position is obtained from
y= a/2 = a cos wt = a cos 2 π / T × t
or cos π/3 = cos 2π t/ T
t = (T/6) s
hence time to complete 3/8th oscillation
= T/4 + T/6
= 5T /12
Clearly option C is correct.