Secretary's Desk


The sole objective of ‘Man Making’ education is to manifest the ‘perfection already in man’. Therefore, the question is not how much we have learnt but whether we have achieved the aptitude for learning. The question is still relevant and it should compel us to think twice before we claim to be ‘educated’ in the true sense of the term. Mere erudition cannot ensure the cultivation of basic human values without which human beings are like islands segregated from one another. Therefore, we have to nurture our inherent abilities for all-round development by instilling sweetness and light in ourselves. In order to become a better ‘someone’ in future, we, each of us, have to become a good person today. In a nutshell, I must insist that we have to trace those ‘missing links’ which can bind ourselves in an inextricable thread of unity. Hope students of our Residential College will convey this message to others so that a radiant sun can illumine so many other planets.
Let everybody join hands for this noble cause.
Yours in the service of the Lord, 


Yours in the service of the Lord, 
(Swami Sarvalokananda)