Though Statistics was taught as a pass subject as early as 1960, the Dept. of Statistics emerged as an Honours Department a couple of years later. Ever since, it has had many achievements to its credit, particularly in respect of academic performance by its students in University exams.

The following is an overview of the Dept., complete with all relevant facts :

1. Name of the Department : Department of Statistics

2. Year of Establishment :

(i)      2-year pass (general) course : academic session 1960-61.

(ii)     3-year hons. (Advanced) course : academic session 1962-63.

3. Faculty :

At the very beginning : Sri Bikash Chandra Sanyal, Sri Gourikanta Bhattacharya, Sri Sukharanjan Chakraborty, Sri Prasanta Kumar Giri, Sri Nanda Kishore De. Their untiring efforts at excellence and unflagging spirit of service have made the Dept. what it is today.

Distinguished teachers : Prof. B. N. Ghosh, Prof. Anil Bhattacharya.

At present : Dr. Dilip Kumar Sahoo (Head), Sri Parthasarathi Chakrabarti, Sri Tulsidas Mukhopadhyay, Sri Palas Pal, Sri Subhadeep Banerjee.

Awarded Doctorate during teaching : Sri Prasanta Kumar Giri, Sri Nanda Kishore De, Sri Dilip Kumar Sahoo, Sri Sisir Samanta, Sri Atanu Biswas, Sri Sankhya Bhattacharya.

4. Department profile :

I. Courses / Programmes and subject combinations offered:


Level of Study

3 year Advanced (Hons.)


Degree in Statistics


II.  Success Rate of Students : 100%

III. Number of Books in the departmental library :

Books in the departmental library


Books from College Library


Books donated


Specimen Copies




IV. Number of journals / periodicals in the departmental library journals subscribed to bythe department  :

a)    Sankhya.

b)    CSA Bulletin.

c)    Stochastic Modelling and Applications.

d)    The Annals of Statistics.

e)    The Annals of Probability.

f)    Biometrika.

g)   The Annals of Mathematical Statistics.

h)   Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.

i)    Econometrika.

j)     The IMS Bulletin.

k)    Statistical Science.

Note : Journals a), b) and c) only are subscribed to currently by the department.

V. Number of computers : 27

Guest Faculties

1. Dr. Prasanta Kumar Giri
M.Sc., Ph.D

2. Dr. Nanda Kishore De
M.Sc., Ph.D