Brahmananda Bhavan

The oldest of all the hostels at Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Ashram- started its glorious journey on 5th December, 1958.


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Our BB ❤

In the presence of Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj (the founder monk of the Narendrapur Ashrama) and other dignitariers, Sri Morarji Desai, the then Finance Minister of India, inaugurated the building. Surrounded by the enchanting greenery, the bhavan stands as a heritage building of Narendrapur, and with its seven appearances, it keeps producing brilliant minds and souls. We are time and again mesmerized by the beauty of the this bhavan more like the way Wordsworth bewitched, having seen the exquisite sight of  London from the ‘Westminster Bridge’. So, we often remark:

“The sight of BB(Brahmananda Bhavan) is so touching in its majesty”

The Holy Shrine

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A home, away from home

Once Swami Shankaranandaji Maharaj, the seventh president of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, remarked:
"I can feel the existence of Thakur Ramakrishna here at the holy shrine of the Brahmananda Bhavan".

The very shrine has sequestered itself from all din and bustle: and the solemn and sententious atmosphere of the shrine enables the students to augument the spirituality within themselves. The holy shrine of BBis the place where we can feel the essence of following Lines:
“Then the beauty flowed, then wisdom, honour, pleasure when almost all was out, God made a stay’

Campus Life

The common Room

The alumni of the college who used to live at Brahmananda Bhavan often say that the common room of the bhavan reminds them the lines of Dylan Thomas:
"And as I was green and carefree…”

Thecommon room is a place of solace to us. The residents of this bhavan share their passions, emotions with each other inside the room. With the high voltage indoor games, late night drama rehearsals, and with the debate and discussions regarding cricket, football,worldcup, Olympic; the common room is all set to efface the monotony of the students. One of the unique features of this common room is that- every years it hosts the annual music and poetry reading competitions.

Dining Room

Like other hostels of Narendrapur, we also feel the ‘Unity in diversity’ inside the dining room of Brahmananda Bhavan.

Healthy Meals
With its residents and stuffs, the dining room of the bhavan is always ready to pervade the idea of sharing and serving. It always enjoy the chirp of the students, and it assumes a radiant look especially on the day of Bhavan Jayani when it offers delicious food items.

Sports and co-curricular activities

Regular training is given to the students to develop skills in sports, physical exercises and athletics.

A twelve station Multigym was installed at the Brahmananda Bhavana kitchen complex.

Co-curricular activities like participation in game, acting, singing, recitation, debates, music, drama, etc., help in achieving overall functioning of education.

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