The college has a vibrant ‘Internal Quality Assurance Cell’ (IQAC) formed as per UGC guidelines. The function of this cell, as its name indicates, is to monitor the activities of the various units of the college and coordinate among them as well as to make necessary suggestions for further academic and infrastructural development of the institution. The cell is also responsible for making the necessary liaison between the institution & UGC. The cell meets at meets twice a year and its daily functioning is the responsibility of its Secretary.


The present members of the IQAC are

  1. Swami Krishnanathananda
  2. Dr. Ratnabali Banerjee
  3. Dr. Pulak Gangopadhyay
  4. Prof. (Dr.) Arabinda Das
  5. Prof. (Dr.) Subir Bhattacharya
  6. Dr. Madanmohan Majumdar
  7. Dr. Arogya Varam Saha
  8. Dr. Nanda Kishore De
  9. Dr. Dilip Kumar Sahoo
  10. Sri Satyaki Pal
  11. Dr. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay
  12. Dr. Sajal Kumar Bhattacharyya
  13. Dr. Malay Purkait
  14. Sri Bijayaditya Chakraborty