Ramakrishnananda Bhavana

A home to nearly 120 students, Bhavana is surrounded by a lush greenery of trees which brings a cool mist even in the warmest of summer days.


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Upon entering the main gates of the auspicious campus of Ramakrishna Mission, Narendrapur and taking the first right, a ten minute walk would land one in front of the coveted RamakrishnandaBhavan.
The bhavana is a three-storeyed building with an adjoining dining hall. Apermanent residential address for the students for same year, the Bhavana is more than a home for a student. It deploys into a centre which teaches the very banes of community living and discipline while maintain a perfect balance with fun and joy. The inside the bhavana is full of harmony.

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A home, away from home

The most important part of the holishe development of an individual is his determination and tenacity.

The study hall of Ramakrishnanda Bhavana is a witness to them. Aspacious hall, the study hall is a perfect place for students to study. The lights of the hall are never turned off and students can study at any time during the day.

Campus Life

The common Room

The students common room provides the students with the facility of indoor game like table tennis, that not only reduce stress but freshens one’s mind up.

It serves a platform for the students to showcase their skill and talents. It is apleasure to see the students striking the ball with quick flawless manoeuvre. Aside fromtable tennis it serves as a place. Where the students spend their time after college chattering with friends and enjoying the ephemeral splendour of the afternoon with great gusto.

Dining Room

The dining hall of RamakrishnanandaBhavan is the place where the students unite four times a day for their daily nutritious meal. It often turns out to be a mini stadium with the television facility where the students enjoy matches with great relish masticating their foodand cheering for their country. The dining hall serves as the place for recreation and plays a major role in creating unity among the students. They develop and nourish a strong robust bond among themselves that lasts forever.

Healthy Meals
With its residents and stuffs, the dining room of the bhavan is always ready to pervade the idea of sharing and serving. It always enjoy the chirp of the students, and it assumes a radiant look especially on the day of Bhavan Jayani when it offers delicious food items.
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Sports and co-curricular activities

Regular training is given to the students to develop skills in sports, physical exercises and athletics.

A twelve station Multigym was installed at the Brahmananda Bhavana kitchen complex.

Co-curricular activities like participation in game, acting, singing, recitation, debates, music, drama, etc., help in achieving overall functioning of education.

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Ranked 15 in the list of best colleges in India by NIRF in 2019.