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Welcome to the Department of Economics at Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous).
The Department of Economics began its journey in 1960 with other sister Departments of the College. From the very outset, it has been an Honours Dept. The list of full-time faculty of the Department since its inception includes Late Panchanan Chakraborty, lateBrajanandan Sinha, Swami Suparnananda, late Karunamoy Nandi, Sri Debdas Chakraborty, Dr. P. R. Bhattacharya, Sri Parthapratim Bandyopadhyay, Sri Vivekananda Mukherjee, Sri Apurba Ghosh (present HOD), Sri Bijayaditya Chakrabarty and Sri Bhaskar Samanta. During the early years of the Dept., Sri Rajendranath Chakraborty, Sri Kalyan Chakraborty and Sri P. K. Roy did much to improve the performance of the Dept. From time to time, eminent guest teachers have rendered invaluable services to the Dept. Foremost among them were late Prof. Dhiresh Chandra Bhattacharya, a formidable scholar and Professor Emeritus (CU), and Prof. Hirendranath Roy, another distinguished teacher of Economics at CU. Other Guest teachers to whom we owe debts of gratitude are: Dr. Santanu Ghosh (WBSES) , Sri Gopal Trivedi (Ashutosh College), Sri Chandan Ray and Sri Rupam Mukherjee. 

Eminent economists have delivered lectures at various seminars organised by the Dept. Special mention must be made of  Prof. Bhabatosh Datta, Prof. Mihir Rakshit, Prof. Soumendranath Sikdar, Prof. Abhirup Sarkar and Prof. S. R. Chakraborty. The one man the Dept. remembers the most for what he did for it and the College at large is late Prof. Brajanandan Sinha who was at the helm of the Dept.’s affairs over three decades. A saintly man, he lived a life simple to the point of austerity and marked by idealism of the highest order. He exercised a pervasive influence on the Dept.’s faculty, students and alltheir activities. He was humble to the letter of the word and wore his scholarship but mildly. His love for the Dept. and concern for its welfare were boundless and deep, and he served it with exemplary commitment. With great argumentative skill at his command, he excelled as a debater and was, in fact, one of the best debaters of his time. The Dept. pays its obeisance to this great soul.

Sri Nimai De was the first student of the Dept. to secure 1st class marks (1985). He hadset the ball rolling. A good number of students of the Dept. have followed suit since. The Dept. has a well-equipped seminar library catering to the needs of the students. It has a collection of over1500 books on Economics. The Dept. has been subscribing to the‘Economic and Political Weekly’ over the years. Its archival collection consists of ‘American. Economic Review’, ‘Oxford Economic Papers’, ‘Economic Journal’ and RBI Bulletins. We are happy to count among the Dept.’s distinguished alumni Swami Satyatmananda, Swami Shivapradananda, Dr. Subal Kumbhakar( a well-known researcher and academician), Sri Prabal K. Sen ( Chairperson, Entrepreneur Development Centre at XLRI School of Business and Human Resources,Jamshedpur) and Dr. Raja Kali of the Mexico University.  


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Student-Teacher Relationship

The Department boasts a good relationship between student teachers, with professors always being accessible to students, and students initiating attention through spontaneous love and regard.

Success story of students @RKMRC

Every year, a good number of students of RKMRC  have been admitted to integrated Ph.D., M.Sc., M.C.A. programmes of premiere institutes like TIFR,CMI, I.I.T. s, I.S.I., I.I.Sc. , IISERs and Central Universities and so on.

Innovative Teaching Methods

  • Audio & Video Tools.
  • Stimulating Classroom Environment
  • Welcome New Ideas
  • Refer to Books On Creativity
  • Introduce Lessons Like a Story
  • Regular  Assignments
  • Seminar by the students & professors
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