Department of History

“Chemistry must become the astronomy of the molecular world” - Alfred Werner

The Department of History came into existence in the year 1960 and started functioning w.e.f. the academic session 1960-61. Initially, the college obtained affiliation in History to the B.A. Pass standard only (vide Calcutta University letter no: C-2306/160 [affl.] dated 23.05.1960). Honours course in History was introduced in the academic session 1961-62.

The Department in its formative Phase:

The early years of the Department saw the involvement of some eminent professors of History of the stature of Dr. BinoyBhushanChoudhury, Dr. Sushil Choudhury and Dr. SekharBandyopadhyay both as teachers and advisors. In addition to these historians of repute, full-time teachers whose names are given below rendered valuable services to this department in the first three decades of its existence (from 1961 to the 1980s):

  1. Shri Dhirendra Nath Dutta
  2. Shri Ajoy Bhowmic
  3. Shri Promodlal Paul
  4. Shri Asim Roy
  5. Shri Amitava Choudhury (ex-student)
  6. Shri Gopal Datta Singh (ex-student)
  7. Dr. Prafulla Kr. Das (1965-88, premature death in 1988)
  8. Dr. Swaraj Basu (ex-student, left the Dept. to join IGNOU, New Delhi, in 1988).

Shri Kalyan Sen retired after 32 years of service in this Dept. (1965-1996), in June 1996. The department sustained a major loss in the pre-mature death of one of its brilliant faculty members, Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee in August 2009. Dr. Mukherjee had joined the Department in January 1986.

Present Strength of the Department:

Three of the permanent faculty presently serving the Department joined in the 1990s. Shri Arup Biswas (ex-student) and Dr. Chnadra Bhushan Roy joined the Department in the year 1990 and Shri Susobhan Sengupta (ex-student) in October, 1999.

 Dr. Rajesh Biswas joined the Dept in March 2017 and obtained Ph.D. degree from Jadavpur University in June, 2018.

 Dr. Krishna Kumar Sarkar joined the Dept as Guest faculty in February 2014. He obtained Ph.D. degree from Jadavpur University in August, 2018 and is presently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Jadavpur University.

Awards and Recognition:

The late Dr. Prafulla Kr. Das won the Griffith Memorial Prize of Calcutta University in 1975. Probably no other full-time faculty of the college had earned such a recognition before Dr. Das.

The late Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee was privileged to attend the 20th International Congress of History of Science as an INSA delegate in July 1997 at Liege, Belgium.

   Dr. Chandra Bhushan Prasad Roy was given honorary appointment to the “Research Board of Advisors”, American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA, in the year 2005.

Role of the Department in multi-dimensional activities of the College:

All the full time teachers of the Department have been and are actively involved in various activities—cultural, sports, social services etc. of the college for decades. It would not be an exaggeration to say that in the post-Silver Jubilee era, this Department has been playing a key role in providing all sorts of assistance to the college administration in launching, managing, controlling and completing various academic programmes and extension activities:

  1. Rajesh Biswas: NSS Programme Officer since, 2017.
  2. Shri Susobhan Sengupta:i)Mmember of the Calcutta University Sports Board, 2000-2008.
  3. ii) Secretary,RKMR College Cooperative Credit Society Ltd., 2013- 2018.

iii) Member, College Exam Cell since 2014.

  1. c) Shri Arup Biswas: Prof-in-charge, Cultural Affairs since 1996. He has also authored two books:
  2. i) “Sabhyatar se Pratyushe”
  3. ii) “Rome”.
  4. d) Dr. Chandra Bhushan Prasad Roy:
  • Departmental Headship (Dept. Of History) since July, 2006……
  • Member- Secretary, Academic Council, since year 2014
  • Centre – in—Charge(Ex), Non- formal Sanskrit Education Centre (Run and Funded by the Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan, New Delhi)
  • Member Governing Body, 2009 -2011
  • Founder Secretary, RKMR College Cooperative Credit Society Ltd., 2008- 2013
  • Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, (IQAC), 2004- 2008
  • Coordinator, NAAC Steering Committee of the College, 2003- 2004
  • Commissioned NCC officer, 1991-2016(still overseeing the NCC activities).


Dr. Chandrabhusan Prasad Roy(HOD)

M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

RKMRC old campus
Department of History

Sri Arup Kumar Biswas

Associate Professor

Sri Susobhan Sengupta

Associate Professor

Dr. Rajesh Biswas

M.A., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Sri Krishna Kumar Sarkar

M.A., M.Phil
Guest Professor

Department Highlights

Student-Teacher Relationship

The Department boasts a good relationship between student teachers, with professors always being accessible to students, and students initiating attention through spontaneous love and regard.

Innovative Teaching Methods

  • Audio & Video Tools.
  • Stimulating Classroom Environment
  • Welcome New Ideas
  • Refer to Books On Creativity
  • Introduce Lessons Like a Story
  • Regular  Assignments
  • Seminar by the students & professors

Success story of students @RKMRC

Every year, a good number of students of RKMRC  have been admitted to integrated Ph.D., M.Sc., M.C.A. programmes of premiere institutes like TIFR,CMI, I.I.T. s, I.S.I., I.I.Sc. , IISERs and Central Universities and so on.

Computer LAB

The department has an uninterrupted internet facility with its own computer LAB. The ratio of students and PC’s is nearly 1:1.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT assists teachers in interacting with students. It helps them with their teaching preparation, providing feedback. ICT helps teachers access institutions and universities, NCERT, NAAC NCTE, UGC, etc. It also helps in the effective use of teaching-learning process ICT software and hardware.