Students' Home (Hostel Bhavana)

There are at present three hostels under the supervision of the college. These are called Students’ Homes because attempts are made to create a homely atmosphere there. Although fellow-feeling, goodwill and understanding form the basis of life at such homes, strict discipline is maintained simultaneously. Students admitted to the college are accommodated in any one of the homes at the discretion of the authorities. This being an entirely residential institution, the students’ homes are an integral part of the college and the rules, regulations etc. obtaining there are binding on all students of the college.
The college being fully residential, students have to stay at hostels where the ideal of meaningful corporate life based on love, fellow-feeling and understanding prevails. At these hostels, monks play a crucial role in maintaining a bracing atmosphere of harmony and seeing to it that students under their charge are bound and welded into togetherness by a love that transcends all barriers of caste and creed.

Hostel Food

The food served is simple but nutritious. The hostel supplies two main meals consisting of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and snacks
in the mornings and afternoons. Variety in the daily menu, as far as possible, is arranged for.


(1) Room-mates staying together should take the responsibility to clean the room at least once in a week to keep it always neat & tidy.
(2) Toilets & lavatories must be properly flushed after use.
(3) Use of T.V. is restricted to games & to some selected programmes. In this regard, the
discretion of the superintendents and the wardens stands final.
(4) Taking tuition from external sources is discouraged.
(5) Providing tuition to students outside the campus is strictly prohibited.
(6) Use of any kind of addictive on the hostel premises is considered as a severely punishable offence.
(7) Lights in each room are usually put off at 11p.m. Students interested in late night study have to go to the study hall.
(8) Students should categorically avoid the practice of carrying lunch and dinner to their rooms without permission of the Superintendent.
(9) Multigym, TT, Carrom, Hockey, Volley-ball, Lawn-Tennis, Swimming, Cricket—all these facilities should be utilized within the time stipulated for play and pastime.
(10) Bicycles are not allowed.
(11) During their stay at the hostel, students are advised to do away with the following unhealthy/bad practices :
(i) Pouring remnant food items into toilets and throwing eatables, biscuit packets and plastic covers here and there
(ii) Writing on the walls, windows and doors
(iii) Taking newspapers to their rooms from the reading stands
(iv) Making disturbing noise and rambling into the corridors of the hostel without purpose, especially at night
(v) Playing cards in the room
(vi) Opening and closing doors with a bang
(vii) Leaving the rooms with lights and fans on.

If a student wants to go out of the campus for some purchases, he needs to collect a
gate pass from the Hostel Superintendent, so that the Superintendent is aware of the
student’s whereabouts. When the student is going away for a longer duration (more
than a day), he should submit an application to the Principal, well in advance, stating
the reasons for his intended leave. After the leave is granted, he should also enter
the details in the Leave Register kept with the Hostel Superintendent at the time of
leaving the campus.
The evening prayer is followed by a strictly-observed study-hour. Students are
expected to stay at their rooms or at the Study halls with their daily preparations, till
the dinner is served. However in exceptional and urgent cases, students may leave
the campus, upon seeking permission from respective Hostel Superintendent.
In no way students will be allowed to go out of or to enter the campus from the
time when evening prayer begins without prior permission of the respective Hostel
Superintendent. In exceptional cases, when a student enters the campus after 9 p.m.,
he must contact the Hostel Superintendent. No student is allowed to stay overnight
outside the hostel without permission of the hostel authorities.

Attending Morning & Evening Prayers is compulsory for all the Students of Undergraduate & Postgraduate.
No student is allowed to move around the campus during prayer. During Prayer hours silence should be strictly observed outside the Prayer Halls and on the rest of the hostel premises.

Students should strictly avoid watching television and accessing common rooms during morning & evening prayers. Common Room must be vacated daily before 11.00 P.M. Furniture and equipments of the common room must be carefully handled by users to avoid any kind of damage. Students should put off the switches of all lights and fans without fail before leaving the common

There are two major vacations for students—the Summer Vacation and the Puja Vacation. The students are to go home during these vacations. On other occasions when a student needs a leave, a letter addressed to the Principal, by the guardian, explaining the reasons for leave of absence from the hostel is mandatory.
Generally guardians are allowed to visit their wards on Sundays only. Guardians are to meet their wards in the visitors’ room of the Bhavana concerned. They are categorically discouraged to visit their wards in the rooms at the Bhavanas. No visitor can be accommodated in the hostels at night.
No visitor is allowed on weekdays. Students must vacate the hostels during Summer & Puja vacations as per exact notifications in this regard given by the Principal.
Students must ensure that they have properly switched off all the lights & fans of their respective rooms before leaving for the vacation. Request of any kind of accommodation in the hostel during the vacations will not be entertained.

Use of gadgets like PC, Laptop, Tablets etc. is completely forbidden. Use of electronic devices viz. camera, ipod etc. is discouraged and the authority does not take any responsibility of any kind of loss or damage.
Basic keypad mobile phones are to be used only within the respective rooms. In no way should a student carry the mobile to the college during college hours.

DAILY ROUTINE (Hostel Bhavana)

Rising Bell
5.50 am (to vary over months)
Morning Prayer
6.10 am ( to change accordingly)
6.45 am - 8.15 am
Study Hours
6.30 am - 9.15 am
Lunch (Monday to Saturday) 1st Batch
9.30 am - 9.50 am
Lunch (Monday to Saturday) 2nd Batch
9.50 am - 10.20 am
Lunch (Sundays & Holidays)
10.00 am - 11.00 am
College Prayer
10.25 am
4 pm - 5.30 pm
After the classes are over
Evening Prayer
6 pm (to vary over months)
Study Hours
6.30 pm (Upto Dinner)
Dinner 1st Batch
8.30 pm - 9.00 pm
Dinner 2nd Batch
9.00 pm - 9.30 pm
Study Hours
Till 11.00 pm
Lights Off ( In Rooms)
11.00 pm
Lights Off ( In Study Hall)
12.30 pm